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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Letter from Arghun to Philippe IV le Bel

Date 697 / 19.10.1297 - 8.10.1298
Content Letter concerning a military alliance between the Mongols and the European rulers against the Mamluks. Arghun intends to march towards Damascus the following year. According to agreement, he calls the French king to join the Ilkhanid army with his troops and guarantees him the surrender of Jerusalem.
Type namah
Category Letters and Correspondence
Archive Archives nationales (Paris)
Publication Haenisch, Erich. "Zu den Briefen der mongolischen Il-Khane Arġun und Öljeitü an den König Philipp den Schönen von Frankreich (1289 u. 1305)." Oriens 2, 2 (Dec. 31, 1949): 216-35. Tafel I
Keywords diplomatic relations | military | Mamluks | Ilkhanids
Individuals Arghun Khan | Philippe IV le Bel
Places Jerusalem | France | Egypt | Damascus
Notes Language: Mongolian written in Uyghur characters. The exact date is given in the document as follows: […] on the sixth day of the last decade of the first summer month in the year of the ox.
No Edition.
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