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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Ilkhanid vaqf deed over villages near Kashan

Date 15 Ramazan 703 / 21.4.1304 - 21.4.1304
Content Vaqf over the three villages Bidgul, Haraskan and Mukhtassabad near Kashan; founder not identified; revenue for various social expenditures in Kashan such as education of poor children of Sayyid descent. Composed during the period of vazir Sa'd al-Din Muhammad Savaji. Attestations by Rashid al-Din Fazlullah, Majd al-Din Isma'il Shirazi, Taj al-Din 'Alishah Language: Arabic
Type vaqf-namah
Category Private Deeds
Archive Kashan (private collection)
Publication Afshar, Iraj. "Vaqf-namah-yi sih dih dar Kashan." Farhang-i Iran Zamin 4 (1335/1956):122-38. 122-38
Keywords economy | agriculture | vaqf | Ilkhanids
Individuals Rashid al-Din Fazlullah | Sa'd al-Din Muhammad Savaji | Majd al-Din Isma'il Shirazi | Ghazan Khan (Ilkhan) | Taj al-Din 'Alishah
Places Kashan
Notes This vaqf-namah is based on a copy which is apparently based on the first copy of the original. It is incomplete.
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