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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Safavid Farman by Shah 'Abbas I

Date Muharram 1020 / 16.3.1611 - 14.4.1611
Content Anthony Shirley is requested to explain his ongoing absence and provide information on the situation in Europe. His brother is still at the Shah's court. [document undated]
Type farman
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Script shikastah-nasta'liq
Archive Public Record Office (London)
Publication Bayani, Khanbaba. "Asnad va namah-ha-yi tarikhi-yi dawrah-yi Safavi." Barrasi-ha-yi tarikhi 3, 3-4 (1347/1968): 67-96. 71-72
Keywords diplomatic relations | Safavids
Individuals 'Abbas I, Shah | Shirley, Anthony
Places Europe | Azarbayjan
Notes Document undated, can be deducted from information given in the text. Also published in Qa'im-Maqami, Jahangir. Yaksad va panjah sanad-i tarikhi. Az Jalayiriyan ta Pahlavi. Tihran, 1348 (1969): 23.
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