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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Raqam by Farhad Mirza Mu'tamad al-Dawlah

Date 5 Sha'ban 1286 / 10.11.1869 - 10.11.1869
Content Mirza Riza-'Ali divan baygi gets the order to raise an army to settle border conflicts with the Ottoman Empire as criminals committing robberies keep crossing the border wither and thither. In case of such an incidence, a written report is to be handed over to the local administrative official. Mirza Riza-'Ali divan baygi is also authorized to administer justice in case of resistance against this farman.
Type raqam
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Archive Kitabkhanah-yi Markazi-yi Danishgah-i Tihran
Publication Afshar, Iraj. "Faramin-i Mirza Riza-'Ali Na'ib al-Vizarah va faramin-i divan baygi-yi Kurdistan." Farhang-i Iran Zamin 20 (1353/1974): 124-44. 132-33
Keywords theft | military | Ottoman Empire | divan baygi | Qajars
Individuals Riza-'Ali divan baygi (Na'ib al-Vizarah), Mirza | Mu'tamad al-Dawlah, Farhad Mirza
Places Kurdistan | Awraman
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