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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Farman by Shah Tahmasp Safavi

Date 2 Muharram 981 / 4.5.1573 - 4.5.1573
Content The soap factory (sabun khanah) of Nayriz is to be closed because of irregularities in obtaining raw material and in the sale of the soap: the fat was bought forcefully from the butchers at a price below the market standard and the soap itself was sold at an excessive price. From the 2nd of Muharram of the year of the chicken (takhaquy-yil) 981 it is prohibited to produce or sell soap. Whosoever acts against this order will be fined (jarimah). The farman is to be engraved at the gate of the "Small Friday Mosque" of Nayriz (masjid-i jami'-i saghir-i Nayriz).
Type farman
Category Imperial and Royal Decrees
Publication Iqtidari, Ahmad. "Farmani az Shah Tahmasp Safavi dar barah-yi sabun-khanah-ha-yi Nayriz." Farhang-i Iran Zamin 12 (1343/1964): 318-22. 318-22
Keywords economy | Safavids
Individuals Tahmasp I, Shah
Places Nayriz
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