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Bannergrafik (CNMS)

Vaqf for the Masjid-i Maydan (Mir 'Imad) in Kashan 2 of 4

Date 8 Sha'ban 877 / 8.1.1473 - 8.1.1473
Content Vaqf by Amir 'Imad al-Din Mahmud b. Mu'in al-Din al-Shirvani for the Masjid-i Maydan in Kashan over a reed-bank (maqsabah) on the riverside of the village Dawlatabad.
Type vaqf-namah
Category Private Deeds
Script ta'liq
Archive Tihran (private collection)
Publication Shahshahani, Husayn. "Khulasah'i az vaqf-namah-yi masjid-i Mir 'Imad va farman-ha-yi salatin kih dar an baqi mandah ast." Farhang-i Iran Zamin 5 (1336/1957): 23-50. 37-38
Keywords mosque | Qara Quyunlu | vaqf
Individuals 'Imad al-Din Mahmud b. Mu'in al-Din al-Shirvani, Amir
Places Kashan | Masjid-i Mir 'Imad
Notes The document is a tumar that contains four vaqf deeds from different dates, see previous deed.
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